Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml)

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Premium Cannabinoid Wellness

Product Description

CBD for Dogs, Cats, and other four-legged friends!

-All natural with no additives or preservatives
-Made from non-GMO hemp plants grown on select farms in Colorado, USA
-100% Organic; NO herbicides, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers used
-Legal in all 50 states and in over 40 countries

Directions for use: 2-3 drops per 20lbs

Pet Weight                                              Usage

Up to 25lbs/11kg                     2 drops – 1-2 times daily
25 – 50lb/11 – 23kg                 4 drops – 1-2 times daily
50 – 75lb/23 – 34kg                 6 drops – 1-2 times daily
over 75lb/34kg                        8+ drops – 1-2 times daily

*All orders include dosage recommendations

**Designed for pets, but great for your human too! 

All of our wellness products are lab-tested for quality and purity. Our product is concentrated to approximately 50mg cannabinoids per milliliter of oil.

Our CBD oil is a whole-plant extract containing a full spectrum of naturally occurring synergistic cannabinoids and terpenes.

We strive to only deliver the highest grade products in their most pure and simple form.

Third party lab test results – Click Here

Store in a cool dark place; shake well before each use.

Fast & Free shipping for all orders within the USA. Most orders are delivered within 2 – 3 business days.


*FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION (FDA) DISCLOSURE These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any disease. Always check with your veterinarian before starting a new dietary supplement program.

Product Reviews

21 reviews for Full Spectrum Pet CBD Oil, High Grade Hemp Extract (50mg/ml)

  1. James H.

    Great quality and fast shipping.
    Very good. Consistent quality and fast shipping

  2. Lisa D.

    Best choice for my dog
    My dog has less anxiety and his overall wellness has improved

  3. Virginia R. (verified owner)

    Review of full spectrum CBD Oil I have ordered it for some of our Bullmastiff rescues that have anxiety or pain issues and it has really helped. I really recommend it.

  4. Siobhan G. (verified owner)

    Great product! Calmed my anxiety ridden border collie almost immediately! This is life changing for my border collie with anxiety. She has become much calmer and seems less stressed out. Shipping was so quick and the customer service is PHENOMENAL! I absolutely will be purchasing all of my CBD needs from them.

  5. Cynthia B. (verified owner)

    Seems to be working! My 10+ y/o Basset has bad hips and trouble walking, especially with stairs. After less than a week I can see a difference in his gut. While he is still having a bit of trouble with stairs, he now jumps around more when he is excited. Definitely a good sign. The customer service is also great. I will be ordering more when my “old pal” is in need.

  6. David O. (verified owner)

    Great Product Bought for my dog Boomer so we could get him off his seizure meds that have side effects of liver damage with long term use. So far everything has been great. He takes 6 drops in his food 2x a day. Will be buying more once it runs out. Highly recommend if your dogs on seizure meds get him off and give it a try.

  7. Colette S. (verified owner)

    Calm, happy dog My 4 year old lab has hip dysplasia and terrible anxiety. He would always growl at dogs or people we walked by but now he wags his tail and doesn’t try to stop and growl. No more running from the vacuum, barking at the door, and he’s running around like his hips don’t bother him!

  8. Jamila U. (verified owner)

    Older Dog Hip Relief I am the proud owner of my rescue dog Luckie. I will have him with me for 14 years now and when he was adopted he was already full grown. Ive noticed him having hip discomfort and thought id give the oil a try. It is definitely giving him some relief. I actually forgot to order the oil once and immediately saw his regression. Im grateful for this natural medication. It is allowing my dog to live more comfortably and gives me peace of mind knowing i am doing all i can to help him live out his full life!

  9. Beverly B. (verified owner)

    She loves it! My dog Fanta loves her CBD . She licks the bowl clean when I give her drops in the AM. The product is helping her anxiety level to some degree at least she is not heading toward heart attack zone.

  10. Alyssa G. (verified owner)

    First time user This product is great! I don’t usually write reviews. However, I have seen so much changes in my dog. She is up, walking around and wagging her tail again. Thank you so much!

  11. Debbie A. (verified owner)

    Pet CBD Oil – A Lifesaver This has helped my lame rescue guy feel like a young pup again. I appreciated the dosage information and it makes a difference. Have been using for him daily since 3/2019 and I swear by it. I recommend to others, in rescue especially, since the results cannot be denied. Your customer service on top of a great product is beyond expectation. Thanks so much!

  12. Megan A. (verified owner)

    My dog feels better It has helped my dog feel better and he has more energy. I am happy it’s organic, full spectrum and no additives.

  13. Melinda P. (verified owner)

    5 stars My dog is in much better shape emotionally and physically, thank you very much. Will be ordering more today.

  14. Mary W. (verified owner)

    Great quality product! My dogs look forward to their treat with CBD oil each day when I get home from work. If I don’t get it right away they are not happy!

  15. Kortni K. (verified owner)

    Game changing product. My dog is on her last few days before we put her down and this is the ONLY thing that has given her any pain relief or comfort. Pain pills from the vet only made her sick and we’re so happy with her quality of life that we have left with her. This product is incredible and has kept us and our sweet pup so much more at ease during this difficult time.

  16. Kathy B. (verified owner)

    Game changer I purchased the CBD oil for my 12-year-old Maltese. Because she has a cataract in one eye and cannot see, her sense of hearing has been heightened dramatically. Because of this, storms, fireworks, doorbells etc. unfortunately throw her into panic mode. CBD oil has made so much difference in her life. Our baby senior citizen is back to normal thanks to NuLeaf! Thank you NuLeaf!

  17. Karen K. (verified owner)

    It works! good service The product- I had some kittens I was fostering who had coccidia and were not eating. I was concerned because they were sick and losing weight and you don’t want them losing weight. The first day I gave each a drop of this CBD oil they started eating again and started to improve. They are perfectly healthy now, regained the weight they had lost and much more. I suggested it to a friend who is director of local Humane Society. She texted me: I have had two kittens come down with fever, where they cant walk. Before I’d start antibiotics and would be about a week before they could walk again. After one day of giving a drop of cbd oil. Back to normal. Whatever the issue is, this CBD oil is worth a try. It literally works miracles in some cases.

  18. Pamela A. (verified owner)

    Puppy Play I started giving my 13-year old yorkie CBD oil quite a while ago. He is on medication for arthritis. With the addition of the CBD, he is now playing like a puppy and my picky eater is now eating full meals.

  19. Jamie I. (verified owner)

    Amazing product! I have been given my 14 year old husky this cbd for months now!! And he is doing much better with his walking and jumping… I give it to him every night before bed!! Amazing product

  20. Karen G. (verified owner)

    Very pleased with this product This has been the best pain reliever I have found for my dogs hip. He moves pain free and even has his little”trot” back. I took some myself one day and it was great for my pain too so I bought another bottle for myself.

  21. Alisha M. (verified owner)

    It Works! I love this product! My dog has seizures and since we have been using this CBD oil he has been able to go longer without having seizures and no longer clusters. I am very happy with NuLeaf CBD oil!

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