What The F Is CBD?

What The F Is CBD?

So what makes CBD so popular?

Tales of life-changing effects from CBD have been told for over a decade. CBD rose to fame because of its success in treating pediatric epilepsy patients with Dravet’s Syndrome. A popular CBD strain by the name of Charlotte’s Web was created specifically for a little girl named Charlotte, who was experiencing up to 1,200 seizures a month. Once she was given the oral CBD oil, her seizure count decreased significantly to three a month over a two year period.

It’s not therapy in a bottle, but some have seen incredible results using CBD oil.

This non-addictive phytocannabinoid has a rich, therapeutic profile. And it is really effective for consumers looking for a natural way to heal mental or physical conditions.

CBD is known to treat medical conditions like PTSD, anxiety, depression, Crohn’s disease, multiple sclerosis, inflammation, chronic pain, and opioid withdrawal.

Fear not, CBD won’t get you stoned!

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What are you treating with CBD?


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Some companies work with non-profits to give back or offer a compassion program, providing discounts to those in need. We value these efforts.


The advancement of methods and technologies in extracting CBD and formulating spectacular products is crucial for a company to sustain production and evolve its product offering.


In this world, okay is not good enough. We seek out companies that care about others and want to see a better future. People and Planet over Profits.


We hear a lot of buzz words thrown around relating to the overall quality in hemp cultivation and processing, but organic hemp is organic. There is no substitute for ensuring no harmful pesticides or additives are in the products you consume.


We seek to suggest products and companies that are transparent in their work. Those that publicly provide lab results and abide by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) are aces in our book.


We don’t suggest skimping on quality. But, due to different sizes and concentrations, we evaluate products based on their overall value. We also take into account the ingredients used in determining the value rating for each product.